Manitoba Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (MAMRT)

Advocates for the practitioners and the profession

(William) Bill Doern, founder, as a member of the first delegation from Canada – all from Manitoba – heading out to a meeting in the United States: 1932

Medical Radiation Technology: The Profession

Medical Radiation Technology is one profession with four main disciplines or specialties, radiological, radiation therapy, nuclear medicine, and magnetic resonance. Essentially, the practice is the same and the differences between the specialties relate to the forms of energy being used for the diagnostic or therapeutic purposes. It is a challenging and sophisticated profession that is continuously growing due to advancements in technology, procedures, and patient care.

Medical Radiation Technologists: The Practitioners

Practitioners of the profession, known as MRTs, are the healthcare professionals who use the forms of energy - ionizing radiation, radiopharmaceuticals, magnetic resonance - to administer treatment and to produce images of body structures for the diagnosis of injury and disease. MRTs deliver quality care to their patients through an extensive understanding of the principles of anatomy, physiology, pathology, image acquisition, treatment and radiation protection, combined with expert knowledge of imaging and radiation therapy equipment. 



In September 2022, Manitoba members voted in favour of the adoption of...

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MAMRT Events

While MAMRT will return to in-person events following the virtual AGM on...

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