MRT Week: November 3-9, 2019 -  Annual MRT Celebration
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The MAMRT Line-Up for MRT Week 2019:

Nov 2: Kick-off to MRT Week: MAMRT at the 2 pm Manitoba Moose "Hockey Fights Cancer Game". Order Tickets (max 10) before October 31 at special pricing using the code "MAMRT90". Raising awareness for our MRTs and funds for Camp Quality, a national charitable organization devoted to providing free camp experiences and year-round programming for kids with cancer.

Nov 3-9: All week long: Show us Your Love” Contest:
The MAMRT is celebrating its 90th Anniversary in November 2019.
A modern gift to celebrate a 90th Anniversary is a Diamond - meaning “unconquerable and enduring", it is said that the fire in the diamond symbolizes the "constant flame of love".
Post a picture (by midnight Nov 9th) to the MAMRT Facebook page that demonstrates;
 - how you interpret your “unconquerable, enduring, constant flame of love” for the MRT profession, OR;
 - with a diamond or with “90” somehow incorporated OR;
 - of you wearing your 90th Anniversary Commemorative Pendant. (To order, see )
$90 Prize: (Draw) Two tickets to the Nov 23rd 90th Anniversary Event at the Fort Garry Hotel ($60), plus a $30 Gift Certificate.

Nov 5: "Share your Stories” Contest:
Why did you become a MRT? What makes you proud to be a member of this profession? Tell us about someone who had an impact on your career or about a "MMM" ("Meaningful MRT Moment") you may have had. 
Enter your submission(s) through the "Share Your Stories" link (by midnight Nov 5th) on the 90th Anniversary website:
$90 Prize: (Draw) Two tickets to the Nov 23rd 90th Anniversary Event at the Fort Garry Hotel ($60), plus a $30 Gift Certificate.

Nov 6: Red River College Open House: RRC is
hosting an open house to showcase its 2 new digital x-ray rooms. See how far it has come with equipment updates. Refreshments and light snack available. Tours of the labs and classrooms by RRC Staff. Display of "Before and After" photos. Time: 4:30 to 6:30. Location: RRC Notre Dame Campus, 2055 Notre Dame Avenue, Building "A", Third Floor, (A331, A335, A317)

Nov 7: “Read All About It” Contest:
Did your local paper publish anything about the MAMRT's upcoming 90th Anniversary Celebrations?
Through the Manitoba Community Newspapers Association, MAMRT sent this Press/News Release to 48 weekly papers across the Province!
Send a scanned copy (by midnight Nov 7th) of what you saw published in your local paper to 
$90 Prize: (Draw) Two tickets to the Nov 23rd 90th Anniversary Event at the Fort Garry Hotel ($60), plus a $30 Gift Certificate.

Nov 8: 90th Anniversary Passport Tour Contest:
Head on over to , print out your Passport (which has questions for each location) and watch the Tours to find ALL the answers.
Contest ends Nov 8th at 11:59 pm. Full rules and submission details are available on the website.
Prize: Includes a Travel Manitoba bag of swag; MAMRT sponsored prizes and more!

What is MRT Week?

MRT Week in Canada is an annual celebration of the essential role that Medical Radiation Technologists (MRTs) play in the healthcare system. MRTs deliver professional imaging and radiation-related treatment services with a caring touch, allowing patients to fully benefit from the latest in medical diagnostic and treatment technology.
During this important week, MRTs in Manitoba are once again invited to celebrate their profession with their community, colleagues, and each other to promote the crucial contributions of the MRT profession.
Sponsored by the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT) and its provincial partner organizations (MAMRT), MRT Week is
 - an opportunity for MRTs across Canada to demonstrate pride in their profession and to convey the important message about the essential link MRTs provide between technology and patients in the healthcare system; and
 - a chance for all MRTs to celebrate, to recognize professional accomplishment and to educate the public and healthcare colleagues about their chosen profession and the role they play in medical imaging and therapeutic treatment. The story of the profession, when presented by the passionate MRTs, has been shown to resonate with colleagues, patients and the general public long after MRT Week is over.
Check out other ways to take advantage of MRT Week on the CAMRT website:
Guide to MRT Week

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