On August 31, 2022 MAMRT members received an important email regarding the future of provincial association services in Manitoba from the CAMRT.

The MAMRT wants to confirm with our members that you have received that important message and to provide additional background information to help you make an informed decision.

There is a proposal to move towards the CAMRT providing a CAMRT-MB chapter for provincial services. On July 4th ,July 5th and August 3rd the CAMRT along with MAMRT leadership, provided town hall webinars to explain what this would mean. If you were unable to attend any of these sessions they were recorded and are posted on the CAMRT-MB Vote section of the CAMRT website. Here members will also find frequently asked questions, proposed fees and information regarding the vote. Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists | CAMRT-MB Vote

During the town hall webinars there were questions about self-regulation in Manitoba, please see the MAMRT Self-Regulation webpage

for current information. Any additional questions should be directed to , not the CAMRT.

Together, our associations have started a CAMRT-MB/MAMRT Operations Review Committee; please see our MAMRT Governance webpage

for an update on the MAMRT Board of Directors and associated committees. Please feel free to contact any of these volunteers if you have questions regarding the future of the MAMRT.

We urge you to do this before you cast your vote the week of Sept 14-21.