General: Membership with MAMRT/CAMRT

Membership with MAMRT is concurrent with CAMRT membership for the Full Practising and Non-Practising categories and combined for the Student category. Full Practising Concurrent membership is also required by the primary employers in Manitoba and, in addition, has many personal advantages, such as extensive Professional Liability Insurance (“PLI”) protection.

As a prerequisite, all applicants seeking membership in either the category of Full Practising or Non-Practising, must have passed the CAMRT certification examination. It is not possible to be either a Full Practising or Non-Practising member without first being certified by CAMRT. As part of the application approval process, MAMRT confirms certification status with CAMRT.

MAMRT/CAMRT membership also requires Manitoba residency: some exceptions are permitted:

  • Full Practising membership is permitted where residency (your home) is outside of Manitoba, but practice (where you work) is within Manitoba

  • Non-Practising membership always requires Manitoba residency

Please review the Qs below before completing the concurrent MAMRT/CAMRT membership or other online applications.  Once you’re ready to apply, Click the Button Below.

Questions about your situation and how to proceed? Contact MAMRT at: 

Problems finding/filling out your application? Can’t find your Membership Card? Looking for your Receipt? Assistance on all these matters comes from our Tech Support:

  • Use the online “Submit a Ticket” button

  • *Call Toll Free: 1 866 558 3959

  • *Email:  

 * If you call or email, be sure to indicate that you’re enquiring about MAMRT/CAMRT matters.

  • If you are currently enrolled in an accredited MRT program in affiliation with CAMRT (and residing/training in Manitoba or outside of Manitoba through an Interprovincial Agreement), there is every reason to join MAMRT/CAMRT as a Student Member! Not only is the membership FREE, MAMRT also waives the membership application fee, so long as you apply within the year of your graduation. You will have the opportunity to become involved with committees, attend “Tech Nights”, receive current information and literature relevant to your chosen profession and more! Student Membership also makes you eligible for MAMRT's Competitive Awards and makes the registration process for writing the CAMRT certification exam much easier.

  • If you are a current Student Member simply login to your MAMRT account and submit the application to “upgrade” from Student membership to either Full Practising or Non-Practising membership. The amount to be paid depends on when you need your upgraded status to start (see “Membership Dues”). You will not have to pay the $50.00 application fee, as MAMRT waives this fee for current Student members. Upon approval, you will receive a system-generated notification and you will be able to download both your Membership Card and your receipt.

  • If you are not a current Student Member, you need to complete the new membership application and pay the non-refundable $50.00 application fee, plus the amount owed for MAMRT and CAMRT dues and PLI. The dues amount owed depends on when you need your membership to start (see “Membership Dues”). Upon approval, you will receive a system-generated notification and you will be able to download both your Membership Card and your receipt.

If you do not wish to immediately join as a Full Practising member, you have options. You can either wait until you have found employment or you can join “now” as a Non-Practising Member. The advantage to joining before you have found employment is that, because membership provides access to CAMRT’s job bank and many career resources, it may assist you with finding a job.

To convert your Non-Practising membership to Full Practising, simply login and complete the “Upgrade Application”. The amount for dues owed will depend on when you need your Full Practising membership to start (see “Membership Dues”). Upon approval, you will receive a system-generated notification and you will be able to download both your Membership Card and your receipt.

Before completing the new member application, please contact the MAMRT office, so that we may confirm your membership status with CAMRT. If you have current membership with CAMRT, that will transfer over and no further amount for CAMRT dues or PLI will be owed. We will then let you know when you can proceed with making a new member application and what amount is required for MAMRT dues.

What you do depends on the reason you are or will not be working as an MRT.

  • If you are leaving the profession on a permanent basis, for example, retirement or a career change, then you need to resign your MAMRT/CAMRT membership, by submitting the online application for resignation. If you do not submit a resignation application before December 31st of the current year, your membership will lapse. Your record will then be marked as “lapsed - not in good standing” and should you decide to return to the profession, the increased (currently $150.00) reinstatement fee will apply. If, however, you have submitted a resignation application and then decide to return to practice, the reinstatement fee is less.

  • If you are leaving the profession on a temporary basis, for example, parental or education leave, then you need to convert your membership from Full-Practising to Non-Practising, by submitting the online application for Non-Practising.

If you are leaving Manitoba, you need to resign from the concurrent MAMRT/CAMRT membership, by submitting the online application for resignation. See Q6.

Your CAMRT membership will follow you if you’re staying in Canada. You also do not need to contact CAMRT; MAMRT will do that for you.

You have the option of becoming a Senior Member with CAMRT and with that, you will receive its newsletters with MAMRT updates. You can expect to receive a communication from CAMRT about Senior membership after MAMRT informs it of your retirement.

You may be entitled to a refund, but MAMRT can only consider a refund of dues paid for MAMRT membership. For more information, refer to Membership Dues

There are other ways to make payment. One is through the MAMRT "Pre-Authorised Debit" ("PAD") Program". This program is available to Full-Practicing Members (only) and allows for pre-payment of MAMRT/CAMRT dues/fees/PLI one year in advance by making 11 monthly bank account debits over January to November. By November, membership for the following year is all paid up. There is a program administrative fee to participate (currently $25.00 per year). Contact MAMRT for more information on how to subscribe.

Depending on your banking institution, you may also be able to make payment with a Visa or MasterCard combined credit/debit card.

Preferred credit cards are Visa and MasterCard; others have significantly higher processing rates and increase costs to MAMRT. MAMRT uses Stripe, an electronic payment processing platform, as a gateway to handle credit card transactions. We do not store nor do we have access to any credit card numbers entered online. You can read more about the security of your credit card information at Terms & Conditions.

MAMRT cannot accept payment by personal cheque or debit card.

All members – Full Practising, Non-Practising and Students need to renew membership annually during the month of November. Even if you are participating in the PAD Program and pre-paying your dues, payment alone does not mean you have completed the renewal process; you need to confirm/update your Profile information, which acts as an application for membership renewal.

If you do not renew in the Regular Renewal Period (November 1st-30th), there will be a Late Fee of $150.00 automatically applied as of midnight (CST) November 30th. The Late Fee does not apply to Student Members.

If you do not renew in the Late Fee Period (December 1st-31st), your membership will lapse and you will be required to make an application for reinstatement. In the case of Students, membership with MAMRT will expire and you will be required to re-apply.

The MAMRT/CAMRT membership renewal process takes place in November, as your employers require verification of MAMRT/CAMRT membership - and proof of PLI - by January 1st.

With over 900 Active Members and 90 Student Members, significant administrative time is attached to processing renewals, changes in status, allowing for and addressing late renewals, as well as renewal-related member enquiries.

In addition, the MAMRT is contractually obligated to CAMRT to produce and provide annual dues and registration data reports for all new, renewed, retired, resigned, lapsed and student (new/expired) members by mid-January.

CAMRT secured an opinion from CRA to the effect that MAMRT/CAMRT membership dues and the amount paid for PLI do not require either CAMRT or MAMRT to issue a tax receipt. MAMRT strongly recommends consulting with a tax professional for further guidance.