MAMRT exists, as a member-based association, to represent and support Medical Radiation Technologists in Manitoba, to be its voice, to keep MRTs connected, to promote and advocate the value of the profession, and to work for the advancement and growth of the MRT profession at the provincial level.

When first granted a Charter of Incorporation on November 9, 1956, in the name of The Canadian Society of Radiological Technicians, Manitoba Division, the purpose was stated as:

 “To carry on without pecuniary gain, objects of a national, patriotic, religious, philanthropic, charitable, scientific, artistic, social, professional or sporting character or the like.” 

The MAMRT’s Constitution and Bylaws refines the Charter, by setting out these nine purposes, which then guide and inform MAMRT’s strategic planning.

1.  Promote and encourage the science and art of Medical Radiation Technology and to consider and discuss all subjects affecting it.

2.  Promote, assist, guide, encourage and form a central association for Medical Radiation Technologists throughout the Province of Manitoba.

3.  Facilitate the exchange of information and ideas on matters affecting the science, art and practice of Medical Radiation Technology and allied subjects.

4.  Print, publish, sell, lend or distribute the proceedings or reports of the MAMRT or any papers, communications, works or treatises on Medical Radiation Technology or its applications or subjects connected to the science, art and practice of Medical Radiation Technology and allied subjects.

5.  Promote and provide for the carrying out of research and experimental work in connection with Medical Radiation Technology and allied subjects and to make, institute and establish grants, rewards or other benefactors in connection therewith.

6.  Establish and maintain archives to promote, organize and exhibit items connected with the science, art and practice of Medical Radiation Technology.

7.  Establish, undertake, superintend, administer, and contribute to any charitable and benevolent fund in connection with or for the benefit of persons engaged in the science and practice of Medical Radiation Technology or allied subjects and their dependents.

8.  Associate, affiliate and federate with any association, society or organization, incorporated or unincorporated, with objectives the same as or similar to the objectives of the MAMRT.

9.  Be affiliated with the CAMRT and this provision is unalterable.