90 years of the MAMRT : Celebrating our past, Looking to our future


2019 marks the 90th anniversary of the Manitoba Association of Medical Radiation Technologists! The very first association to form in Canada for “X-Ray Technicians”, as they were then known, was formed in Winnipeg, by William (Bill) Doern and Claude Bodle, in 1929. The profession of Medical Radiation Technology, as it is now known, encompasses four distinct specialties in the related disciplines of Radiological, MRI, and Nuclear Medicine Technology, as well as Radiation Therapy. 

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MAMRT Passport Tour

These videos were released throughout the 90th anniversary year as part of a “Passport Tour Contest”. Marvel in our collective history by exploring these 12 virtual tours of Manitoba’s healthcare facilities, large and small, to get a glimpse of how MAMRT member Technologists and Therapists serve the public.

  • Passport Tours: Click Arrows to Begin

  • Tour Stop 1 - Thompson Regional Health Centre

  • Tour Stop 2 - St Boniface General Hospital

  • Tour Stop 3 - Brandon Regional Health Centre

  • Tour Stop 4, Part 1 - CancerCare Manitoba Radiation Therapy

  • Tour Stop 4, Part 2 - CancerCare Manitoba Radiation Protection & Mammography

  • Tour Stop 5 - Dauphin Regional Health Centre

  • The Other Tour Stop Numbered 5 - Selkirk Regional Health Centre

  • Tour Stop 6 - Morris General Hospital

  • Tour Stop 7 - Johnson Memorial Hospital

  • Tour Stop 8 - MAMRT in Winnipeg: Grace General Hospital

  • Tour Stop 9 - Red River College

  • Tour Stop 10 - Churchill Health Centre

  • Tour Stop 11 - Diagnostic Centre of Excellence