About Us: Who We Are

Medical Radiation Technologists and Therapists (MRTs) are highly skilled health care professionals dedicated to ensuring the optimum standard of care and treatment of the patient. In Manitoba, there are over 800 registered MRT members in Manitoba. These MRTs practice medical applications in one or more of four currently recognized disciplines; Medical Radiological Technology, Nuclear Medicine Technology, Magnetic Resonance Imaging Technology and Radiation Therapy.

Medical Radiation Technology is a science that is based on advanced technology and human compassion. As an integral part of the medical team, MRTs use their knowledge of physics, human anatomy and physiology, and radiation to assist in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. Medical Radiation Technology require individuals with excellent interpersonal skills; a caring nature and genuine interest in the well-being of others, computer and technical competence; strong problem-solving skills, a solid work ethic, strong sense of responsibility and ability to function as part of a team. Medical technologies are rapidly changing, thus providing a career with never-ending challenges.