The Manitoba Association of Medical Radiation Technologists, Incorporated (“MAMRT”) is a non-profit organization required by law to be governed by a Board of Directors, elected by eligible members of the Association. The responsibilities of the MAMRT Board of Directors are primarily set out in the MAMRT Constitution and Bylaws (June 2019)
Beyond the legal responsibilities, members of the Board are a vital link to the larger community and act as stewards on behalf of the membership.
The MAMRT Board of Directors engages in Strategic Planning as an organizational management activity to set priorities, focus energy and resources, strengthen operations, ensure that its employees and other stakeholders are working toward common goals, to establish agreement around intended outcomes/results, and to assess and adjust the Association's direction in response to a changing environment.
The Mission, Vision, Values, Strategic Directions and Goals are communicated through the MAMRT's Strategic Plan 2019-2021
The work of the Board of Directors is further supported by several Committees, whose activities advance the strategic objectives of the MAMRT.
Individual members of the MAMRT Board are, as all MAMRT members are, guided by the CAMRT Member Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct.

2019/20 Board of Directors: July 1-June 30

President Jason Lewis RTR
Vice President Kareena Nychuk RTR
Director: Professional Practice Erin Toews RTT, CTRT
Director: Communications/Public Relations
Kim Rempel RTR
Director: Finance/Administration Leslie Veale RTR, RTMR
Representative: Urban Radiography Tamara Schaab-Johnson RTR
Representative: Rural Radiography Anat Churilov RTR, RTMR
Representative: Radiation Therapy Brett Johnston RTT
Representative: Nuclear Medicine Vacant
Representative: MRI Sara McLaughlin RTR, RTMR
Representative: Rural-at-Large Kirsten MacNeish, RTR
CAMRT Liaison:  (non-voting) Sandra Luke RTR, RTMR, ACR
Student Liaison: (non-voting) Eric Ireland RTR
CAMRT Foundation Liaison: (non-voting)
Erin Toews RTT, CTRT
Past President Jenna MacLaine RTR, CTIC

Standing Committees
Executive: Chair: Jason Lewis. Members: Kareena Nychuk, Leslie Veale
Finance: Chair: Leslie Veale. Members: Jason Lewis, Kareena Nychuk, Kirsten MacNeish
Governance: Chair: Kareena Nychuk. Members: Jason Lewis, Erin Toews, Kim Rempel
Special/Ad Hoc Committees
Awards Program 2020: Dayna McTaggart, Kayla Campbell, Kim Rempel, Jordan Veale
Self-Regulation: Chair: Christine Preachuk. Members: Jillian Bruneau, Kareena Nychuk, Lorraine Gendre
Tracy Anderson, Tynnille Chomenchuk Bouchard
90th Anniversary Celebration: Co-Chairs: Chris Zeller and Raylene McGhee. Members: Jan Connon, Jordan Veale, Melody Knight, Jenna MacLaine