Membership FAQ

Joining the MAMRT as a Full or Non-Practising Member

MAMRT offers membership in tandem with the Canadian Association of Medical Radiation Technologists (CAMRT). This concurrent membership allows for many advantages, including, as most employers require, extensive Professional Liability Insurance (“PLI”) protection.

As a prerequisite, all applicants, whether seeking membership in the category of Full-Practising or Non-Practising, must have passed the CAMRT examination.

Please review the Qs below before completing the concurrent CAMRT/MAMRT membership online application. If questions remain, contact the MAMRT Office at:

Q1: I received my exam results from CAMRT and I passed! How do I apply for concurrent membership?

  • If you are a current Student Member of MAMRT, simply login and update your Profile. The MAMRT Office will be notified and your updated Profile will be reviewed. Upon approval, an online invoice will be issued for CAMRT dues, MAMRT dues/fees and PLI, if applicable. Upon payment, a receipt is automatically generated and your Membership Card will follow, by email. As a current MAMRT Student Member, the $50.00 Application Fee is waived.

  • If you are not a current Student Member of MAMRT, you need to complete the Application and pay the non-refundable $50.00 Application Fee. The MAMRT will review your application and upon approval, an online invoice will be issued for CAMRT dues, MAMRT dues/fees and PLI, if applicable. Upon payment, a receipt is automatically generated and your Membership Card will follow, by email.

            You can complete the online Application by:clicking here .

Q2: I passed the CAMRT examination, but I am not yet employed. Should I still apply?

You have the option of joining the CAMRT/MAMRT as a Non-Practising Member. Membership gives you a voice and empowers you to participate in processes that determine the future of your profession - your future. It also provides access to various professional communication channels such as career ads in the CAMRT News and the CAMRT’s Job Bank. Once employed, just contact the MAMRT Office to request a conversion of your membership to Full-Practising and your invoice for the pro-rated dues.

Q3: I have been working as a MRT in another province and am now moving to work as a MRT in Manitoba. What do I need to do?

You will need to complete the online Application, by clicking here , and pay the non-refundable $50.00 Application Fee. The MAMRT will review your application and confirm your status with both your former provincial association/regulator and with CAMRT. Upon approval, an online invoice will be issued for CAMRT dues (if applicable), MAMRT dues/fees, and PLI (if applicable). When your payment is made, a receipt is automatically generated and your Membership Card will follow, by email.

If you are a CAMRT member at the time you are transferring to Manitoba, your membership with it follows you to Manitoba; there are no additional dues owed to CAMRT. Similarly, if you have PLI through CAMRT at the time of your transfer to Manitoba, the annual coverage follows you and no additional payment for PLI is required.

Joining the MAMRT as a Student Member

Q4: I am a MRT Student. Why should I become a Student Member of the MAMRT? How do I do that?

If you are currently enrolled in an accredited MRT program in affiliation with CAMRT (and residing/training in Manitoba or outside of Manitoba through an Interprovincial Agreement), there is every reason to join MAMRT as a Student Member! Not only is the membership FREE, MAMRT also waives the membership application fee, so long as you apply within the year of your graduation. You will have the opportunity to become involved with committees, attend “Tech Nights”, receive current information and literature relevant to your chosen profession and more! Student Membership also makes you eligible for MAMRT's Competitive Awards. Complete the online Student Membership Application by clicking here.

Filling out the Application Profile and Paying Invoices

Q5: Why do I have to provide both a “Mailing Address” and a “Residence Address”?

Members of MAMRT must either be living in or working in the Province of Manitoba. A “Mailing Address”does not always indicate residency (i.e. Post Office Box Numbers) and therefore, your “Residence Address” is required. When completing the “Residence Address” field, do not enter a P.O. Box Number; use your actual “Street” address or the legal land description.

Q6: Why am I asked to enter a “Secondary Email” address?

The MAMRT issues mass e-communications to its membership and these can sometimes be blocked by bulk mail filters/settings. A secondary email address also ensures no communications are missed, in the event you change your primary email address.

Q7: What do I enter in the “MRT Designation” field?

The only permissible primary designations are: RTR, RTT, RTNM, and RTMR.

You may also choose to enter any of your Speciality Certificate credentials.

Q8: I am not sure what to enter in the fields “MRT Member Class” and “MRT Practice Status”.

If you are applying as a Full-Practising Member, select that for both “Member Class” and “Practice Status”.

If you are applying as a Non-Practising Member, select that for “Member Class” and for “Practice Status”, select “inactive”.

Q9: I do not have a credit card. Is there another way I can make payment?

Payments, such as those required for the Application Fee, new member dues, and member renewal dues, can only be processed by the MAMRT through credit card. The MAMRT accepts either and only MasterCard or VISA; other payment methods, such as personal cheques, prepaid credit cards or debit cards, cannot be processed through the MAMRT membership management database.

Your credit card information is secure. The MAMRT uses Bambora, an electronic payment processing company, as a gateway to handle credit card transactions. The MAMRT Office does not store, nor does it have access to, any credit card numbers entered online. Further information about Bambora  is available here: Bambora Privacy Policy

There is another way to make payment - through the "Pre-Authorised Debit" ("PAD") Service" - available to Full-Practicing Members (only) who wish to pre-pay the CAMRT/MAMRT dues/fees/PLI one year in advance by monthly bank account debits. Click here for more information About PAD and then contact the MAMRT Office for more information on how to subscribe.

Renewing Membership and Changes in Practice Status

Q10: I am no longer working as a MRT or, it is renewal time, and I know that I will not be working as a MRT in the future. What now?

What you do depends on the reason you are or will not be working as a MRT.

  • If you are leaving the profession on a permanent basis, for example, retirement or a career change, then you will resign your membership.

In order to “Resign in Good Standing”, you must notify the MAMRT office in writing (email), as soon as possible, providing the date on which you last worked. Failure to advise the MAMRT office before December 31st of the current year will result in a lapse of membership and an additional reinstatement fee, should you decide to return to the profession.

  • If you are leaving the profession on a temporary basis, for example, parental or education leave, then you will convert your membership from Full-Practising to Non-Practising.

In order to convert your membership to Non-Practising, you must log-in and update your Profile.

About Your Professional Liability Insurance Coverage upon Resignation or as a Non-Practising Member
The CAMRT PLI policy coverage extends to "all MRTs who have left the profession, whether permanently or temporarily, for various reasons, including retirement, change of profession, maternity leave, unemployment, disability leave, etc." This means there is insurance for covered matters that occurred when you were a Full Practising Member, even though you are now retired or a Non-Practising Member.
It is CRUCIAL to note, however, that members must reinstate the Professional Liability Insurance coverage PRIOR to returning to practice REGARDLESS of the circumstance (full time, part-time, casual, even a one-time shift) or the date of return. This means that if you have resigned or taken a Non-Practising membership, you must reinstate or convert your membership to Full Practising, BEFORE you return to work.
Click to learn more About The CAMRT PLI Program.

Q11: I was on temporary leave and am now going back to work. How do I convert my membership from Non-Practicing to Full-Practicing?

Non-Practising Members must contact the MAMRT Office in order to arrange for a change in Member Class and Status. An invoice will be prepared and once attended to, an updated Membership Card will issue, through email.

Q12: I resigned and am now returning to the MRT profession. How do I reinstate my membership?

Resigned members must contact the MAMRT office in order to arrange for membership reinstatement.

Whether you “resigned in good standing”, or allowed your membership to lapse, there will be a reinstatement fee applied. Additional conditions may also apply, depending on the length of your absence.

Membership Cards and Receipts

Q13: I cannot find my membership card and/or my receipt. Help?

Membership Cards are issued through the MAMRT office upon application/renewal completion and are NOT stored in the member portal. Cards are provided once only and are sent to both your primary and, if provided, your secondary email address. Should you require a duplicate card, contact the MAMRT Office at:

Receipts and Itemized Paid Invoices, unlike Membership Cards, are always accessible online. Log-in, select “My Info” > “Invoices”.

Renewal Periods and Deadlines

October 1-31: PAD Service Subscribers: Renewal Period

November 1-30: Regular Renewal Period

December 1-31: Late Renewal: Automatic Late Fee Applied as of Midnight (EST) 23:00 (CST) November 30

December 1-31: Student Member Renewal Period

23:00 CST (Midnight EST) December 31: Automatic Membership Lapse: Reinstatement Required.

Q14: Why do I have to renew so far in advance of the following membership year?

Most employers require verification of CAMRT/MAMRT membership - and proof of PLI - by January 1.

With over 875 Active Members and 50 Student Members, significant administrative time is attached to processing renewals, changes in status, allowing for and addressing late renewals, as well as renewal-related member enquiries.

In addition, the MAMRT is contractually obligated to CAMRT to produce and provide annual dues and registration data reports for all new, renewed, retired, resigned, lapsed and student (new/expired) members by mid-January.

Dues/Fees and Refunds

Q15: Where do I find more detail about the amounts of the various dues and fees mentioned above? What about refunds?

A full listing of CAMRT Dues, PLI, MAMRT Dues, MAMRT Fees and refund policies is available under “About Membership” > “Membership Dues”.